All Creatures Great and Okay is an awesome podcast about awesome animals for awesome people. Each episode focuses on a different species, genus, or family of animals. I know, I know, that’s really broad. But what do you want from us?? A nuanced, scientific look at individual species? We’re not that kind of podcast, sister.

About Us

Randi Bossie--the moral and intellectual core of All Creatures Great and Okay–is a woman of many talents and no renown. Her interests include animals, crochet, and making lists of three things.





Nathaniel Long was born at some point between 1972 and 2017, which qualifies him as a millennial. Much like Mowgli or Tarzan, Nathaniel was raised by animals (if humans count as animals, which they do). His most vivid childhood memory is the occasion when he shattered his toenail while trying to impersonate the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (that part is actually true, and the fact that Mr. Stay-Puft doesn’t have toenails means that it was either a very good or a very bad impression). For the purposes of this podcast, and to avoid the tyranny of terrestrial taxation laws, he currently lives and records on a small houseboat moored in the river Thames. Nathaniel belongs to several gentlemen’s clubs, among them the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo, the Sons of the Desert, the Fellowship of the Ring, and the Masons, a Brooklyn-based improv troupe trafficking exclusively in Jackie Mason impressions of varying quality. Nathaniel is well-traveled, and has accompanied Michael Palin on his various treks around the world (through the power of imagination). Though he is considered an explorist and daredevil of no little merit, he has been routinely frustrated by a recent series of failed expeditions, including his insistence on discovering a third pole. These travels have only deepened his affection for the natural world, however: he has an abiding love of all of God’s creations, and finds most of them delicious. He even tried being a Vegan for about a week, but he quickly got fed up with eating masked Spanish Street Fighters. After his brief wondrous life of fantastical escapades, Nathaniel sought to escape the crushing specter of fame and achievement by finding a job so menial, unremunerative, and devoid of higher social purpose that no one would ever find him, and so he is currently employed as an English teacher. Though he is a neo-luddite, Nathaniel enjoys a modest online presence. You can look up his YouTube channel, under the name of Long Pig, and see him read all 154 Shakespeare sonnets while doing 153 different celebrity impressions, several of them accurate. He thanks anyone who might still be reading this.