Episode 038: Shrew You, Buddy!

In honor of shrews – those short, annoying, but adorable animals – we bring you a short, annoying, but adorable episode. Randi finds that the real shrew was inside of her all along, and Nathaniel won’t shut up about that Shakespeare guy, thus putting the savant in idiot savant. Make like a shrew and burrow into this great new installment of All Creatures Great and Okay. (EDITOR’S NOTE: double-check if shrews are burrowing animals).

Episode 007: Breaking Badgers

In this episode, Randi and Nathaniel explore the wonderful, funderful world of European badgers. European badgers are native to most of Europe, as well as parts of Asia (which is why they are sometimes referred to as the Eurasian badgers). They are also notorious homebodies, which is why the European badger can only teach our plucky hosts two things: “to dig, and love your home” (per The Once and Future King).

Show Notes

European badgers are the most social animals we’ve discussed so far. They live in clans (groups of up to 23), and their homes (known as setts) are often passed down from generation to generation. They also occasionally share their setts with rabbits and foxes. European badgers are exceptionally fastidious, and will frequently clean out the bedding of their setts. European badgers are not just on the crest of Hufflepuff–they are also present in Irish mythology, in which badgers are shapeshifters, as well as German folklore, in which the badger is a peaceful Philistine. Despite their overwhelming charm, European badgers are considered dangerous pests by many, which is why the have been the subject of culls. Many notable Brits, including Brian May and Sir David Attenborough, have spoken out against badger culls. This, of course, only serves to multiply the ethos of European badgers. Tune in to find out whether European badgers are great, or just okay.

This episode includes the following segments:

“What Do You Think It Tastes Like?” — Randi shares a post-World War II recipe for badger, which calls for three pounds of flour and eight pounds of badger meat. Yeah. Sounds delicious.

“I Think I Could Take It” — Nathaniel finds himself in a pickle–a badger baiting pickle!