Episode 044: Cheeraffes and Giraffes

Giraffes. What up with them? Why they so tall? Are those antennae on them noggins? Whose idea was this? Randi and Nathaniel spelunk into one of the strangest species of the planet. Find out how giraffes smell (terrible), find out what they eat (plants, except when they don’t), and find out how they get high. Join us for a particularly elevated discussion in the latest All Creatures Great and Okay.

Episode 042: How the Elephant Got Its Crunk

We take a look at one of the greatest of great animals: elephants. Find out more than everything you wanted to know about these wacky pachyderms, including one of the more alarming How Do You Think They Do It segments we’ve ever run. Be here or Behemoth.

Episode 005: A Flash in the Pangolin

In this episode, Randi and Nathaniel explore the enchanting world of pangolins. That’s right, pangolins–that adorable animal that looks like a mixture of an armadillo and an anteater, though in fact they’re only very, very, VERY distantly related to them

Show Notes

Guys, this is it–the episode in which our intrepid hosts get serious. Pangolins are adorable, but they’re also incredibly endangered. There are a few factors that lead to this: First, pangolins are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a host of ailments. As a result, they are one of the most highly trafficked animals in the world. Second, pangolins are also eaten as bushmeat in parts of Africa. Third, pangolins are very difficult to breed (or even keep alive) in captivity. They are insectivorous, or more specifically myrmecophagous, meaning they only eat ants and termites. To compound this limited diet, they are prone to stenophagy, meaning they will only eat certain species of prey (kind of like how Nathaniel’s diet, or a small child’s, is limited to chicken nuggets and pizza). Sir David Attenborough listed pangolins as one of the ten species he’d like to save from extinction. Join Randi and Nathaniel as the discuss why this animal is–without question–great, and not okay.

This episode includes the following segments:

  • “I Think I Could Take It” — Nathaniel tries to outwit a couple of circus pangolins.
  • “Don’t Eat This Bird; Don’t Eat This Best” — Randi discusses the impact of consumption on pangolins. She references two accounts of people eating pangolins: a Vice article, and a travel blog.