Episode 046: Platypus O Plomo

Well, we did it. We’ve discussed every single animal on earth. There’s nothing to do but hop in the houseboat and sail away into the sunset. Before we do, however, we have a jam-packed episode, with several special guest appearances, final installments of some of our favorite departments, and a focus on one of the most charming animals in Christendom. We’ve done birds, mammals, fish and marsupials, so we thought we’d end with a creature that is all of these things at once: the noble platypus! It’s our last rodeo, at least for the time being, but tune in to hear some exciting rumor and hearsay about our NEXT podcast, hopefully dropping before the end of the year. Will it be a Grand Finale, or just Okay? Tune in to find out.

Episode 044: Cheeraffes and Giraffes

Giraffes. What up with them? Why they so tall? Are those antennae on them noggins? Whose idea was this? Randi and Nathaniel spelunk into one of the strangest species of the planet. Find out how giraffes smell (terrible), find out what they eat (plants, except when they don’t), and find out how they get high. Join us for a particularly elevated discussion in the latest All Creatures Great and Okay.

Episode 043: Harpy Go Lucky

Randi takes Nathaniel along on a ride down memory lane as they discuss harpy eagles. These formidable beasts first made an impression on the young Randi during a third grade school project. Their cultural presence extends from the classroom and into video games and other media. Oh, and there are some harpy-wife tropes as well. Enjoy!

Episode 040: Weasel Words

We must, we must, we must increase our… Mustelid coverage. Yes, we’re back into the world of stoats, otters, badgers and pals for one of our most ubiquitous beasts, the weasel. Special attention is given to the inaptly named Least Weasel, and Nathaniel takes us on a global tour of weasel-based mythology, if the globe only had nine countries. And we somehow go the whole episode without making an Elie Wiesel pun, which really doesn’t sound like us. Enjoy!

Episode 038: Shrew You, Buddy!

In honor of shrews – those short, annoying, but adorable animals – we bring you a short, annoying, but adorable episode. Randi finds that the real shrew was inside of her all along, and Nathaniel won’t shut up about that Shakespeare guy, thus putting the savant in idiot savant. Make like a shrew and burrow into this great new installment of All Creatures Great and Okay. (EDITOR’S NOTE: double-check if shrews are burrowing animals).

Episode 037: The Real Hoax Blues

Oru Kaiju Daishingeki! It’s our one-year anniversary, so we’re bringing you twice the goodness with a double dip of crazy creatures. Join us as the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus squares off against its eternal adversary: the Bavarian Wolpertinger. Do these two “hoax animals” really exist? Some say maybe. Other aren’t so sure. The raddest hosts in Podsylvania will grant you more wisdom than you ever particularly wanted. All of this and more in a special regular-length episode of All Creatures Great and Okay!

Episode 035: Kakapo Joy Juice

In this episode, Nathaniel and Randi discuss the rotund kakapo, the parrot that is not particularly good at being a parrot. Listen intently as they mispronounce its name at least, like, five hundred times, and Nathaniel pours one out for a late, great comedy writer and conservationist – a comservationist, if you won’t. Join us in New Zealand and meet the bird that makes the kiwi look like an apex predator.

Episode 032: Hyena, Warrior Princess

In this episode, Randi and Nathaniel attempt some image rehabilitation on hyenas, those perennial underdogs. They’re such underdogs, in fact, that they’re technically more closely related to cats.  We present a remarkably tight analysis of these remarkably tight mammals. Stick with us, and you’ll never go hangry again!