Episode 043: Harpy Go Lucky

Randi takes Nathaniel along on a ride down memory lane as they discuss harpy eagles. These formidable beasts first made an impression on the young Randi during a third grade school project. Their cultural presence extends from the classroom and into video games and other media. Oh, and there are some harpy-wife tropes as well. Enjoy!

Episode 022: Raiders of the Lost Monarch


In this episode, Randi and Nathaniel discuss the majestic monarch butterfly. Many references to The Venture Brothers are made, and French accents are butchered. Join us to find out if monarch butterflies are great, or just okay.

Episode 014: Toucan Keep A Secret

In this episode, Randi regains control of the podcast and Nathaniel returns to his lowly co-hosting duties. Oh, and also they talk about toucans.

Show Notes

Toucans! Can’t live with them (they’re terrible pets) and can’t live without them (their poop builds forests!).  They are also one of the more delightful animals Randi and Nathaniel have talked about to date: they playfight with their bills, they grace the boxes of some of our favorite cereal, and they have feather-esque tongues. Tune in to find out if toucans are great, or just okay.